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Five Tips to Get Your Best Hair Yet


Taking care of your hair is more than shampoo and conditioner. Here are a few tips that have worked for me:

Consider a silk pillowcase: I’ve used both the traditional cotton and silk pillowcases, and have noticed that my hair can get caught and break as I rollover throughout the night when I sleep on a cotton pillow. Meanwhile, silk pillowcases allow my hair to glide seamlessly, preventing breakage. Additionally, I found that the silk pillowcase did not create as much friction as cotton pillowcase. This helped to protect my hair and extend my blowouts by an extra day or to – which can be another win for your hair health.

Start from within: A supplement, like Glow Habit Happy Hair, can help your hair health from the inside out. Happy hair has biotin, silica from bamboo extract and vitamin E. Silica from Bamboo Extract helps to promote healthy hair.

Schedule regular trims: This is an oldie but goodie. I find getting regular trims is important to prevent split ends on my hair, which can continue to split up the strand. Haircuts don’t have to be scary! The more often I go, the less I need to take off at each visit. My personal rule of thumb: I never leave the salon without my next appointment. I recommend every 6 to 8 weeks for lengths above your shoulder and every 8-12 weeks for longer locks.

Try changing where you part your hair: I have noticed that where I part my hair tends to be where I see the most breakage – likely because it’s where the hair is getting the most brushing and styling. I like to switch up my part throughout the week to more evenly distribute styling.

Be gentle on your pony tail: Pony tails are a necessary part of life – working out, dirty hair – we all need to throw our hair back from time to time. If you do, consider using something like a silk scrunchie to prevent breakage. When I pull out the silk scrunchie, I notice way less breakage from the strands. Whenever I use a traditional elastic, I always see a few hairs around the band that have come off my head – yikes! Also, I try to switch up the location of my pony so I am not consistently putting pressure on the same hairs every day.

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