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Learn More About Our Ingredients

We included key ingredients, many of which are research-supported, and packed them into tasty gummies. Our supplements are vegan and contain no gluten, no soy, no artificial flavors and no artificial sweeteners. Learn a little more about our ingredients below.

We discovered silica from Bamboo Extract and quickly fell in love. Silica (from Bamboo Extract) helps to support skin’s hydration and texture. Silica also helps to support healthy hair. Those bamboo chutes sure do pack a punch!

We’ve all been told to take Vitamin C to stay healthy. You might not know that it’s an antioxidant and that it also plays a role in collagen synthesis.

Check the labels on your favorite serums and moisturizers and we bet you’ll find Hyaluronic Acid as an ingredient. This superstar helps to support skin’s hydration and texture.

Our go-to non-prescription remedy for sleepless nights. Melatonin helps promote restful sleep.

Sea Buckthorn is a plant also known as Seaberry. We love it because it’s a superfood.

The B-Vitamin known by beauty gurus everywhere.

Probiotics are the good bacteria that support digestive health. Our gummies contain a strain called Bacillus Coagulans.

Amla fruit is also known as Indian Gooseberries. These berries have been used as an ayurvedic remedy.

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